HSE Section Head Job In Egypt

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HSE Section Head Job In Egypt

Job Description:

1. Preparing a risk analysis record for each activity separately in partnership with the manager responsible for each activity.

2. Developing an emergency preparedness and Response Plan and how to deal with each case and approve it from the project consultant

3. Develop a fire prevention, control plan, approve it from the project consultant, and follow up on its implementation.

4. Making a lifting plan in case of critical lifting works and approve it from the project consultant and follow up its implementation.

5. Applying the company’s Occupational Safety and health policy.

6. Familiarity with safety laws and their application in order to avoid the company’s exposure to a legal violation.

7. Preparing purchase orders and making sure that there are safety tools and equipment that enable him to apply the safety plan and provide a safe working environment and approve purchase orders from the project manager.

8. Develop a plan to train and sensitize all employees on the site both according to the nature of the currency and maintain training records.

9. Applying the sanctions list to subcontractors and employees of the company, and in case of insisting on violating the safety instructions, escalation made to take the necessary action in coordination with his direct manager

10. Investigating accidents and injuries and providing preventive and corrective measures to avoid their recurrence.

11. Providing alternative solutions to the execution department to do business in a safe way.

12. Approval of work permits of various types for all items and implementation works.

13. Making records of checking scaffolding and light and heavy equipment and excluding unsafe ones.

14. Preparing and submitting weekly and monthly reports to follow up on the safety performance and work to solve safety-related problems on the site

15. Recording internal nonconformity cases and making reports on them with proposing the required corrective measures and following up with the person responsible for their implementation.

16. Following up on cases of external nonconformities from the consultant and working with the project departments to close and avoid those violations.

Job Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
• 8 -10 years of experience in the same position.
• Construction background is a MUST
• Strong Relationship Building
• Excellent Negotiation Skills

To apply, submit an updated copy of your CV to – dmccareers@dmc-curve.com



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